5 Money Saving Tips for Summer Parties


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You do not have to spend a lot to have family and friends come over to your summer party.

You can keep the party costs down with these fun and creative money-saving tips.

Have an afternoon summer party

These get-togethers are just as much fun as night get-togethers but they are easier to prepare and lighter on the pocket.

Guests tend to expect more when they attend an evening party — a more extensive menu, larger portions, more booze, and preparations on a grander scale.

You can get away with swimming, simple fun party games for the kids, and finger foods if you have an afternoon summer party.

Visit the dollar store

You can buy plastic spoons and forks, paper plates, and fun party décor from a dollar store.

It is cheap and practical to do this — and completely acceptable, particularly for a laid-back fun afternoon get-together.

Your guests will remember the fun and camaraderie of your party, not the plates or décor.

Make it a theme party

You do not always have to have a three- or four-course meal for your party.

Make it a theme party instead.

Limit the party fare to a specific type of food. You have several options — a Pasta Party, Go Pizza, Just Ice Cream are some fun ideas.

You can opt for a Kebab Party.

You do not have to barbecue large (and expensive) portions of chicken or steak. Just skewer smaller cuts of flavorful meat and some veggies on sticks for a fun barbecue party.

Go potluck

Inviting 20 or 30 people over for a get-together can be costly, especially if you have to prepare all the party fare on your own.

It is practical — and just as much fun — to have a potluck get-together instead. You can ask your guests to demonstrate their culinary skills by bringing food to share.

Have a “Best Homemade Dessert” contest.

Have some of your more competitive guests bring their choicest homemade desserts to showcase their baking skills.

Other guests get to taste the different sweets and vote for their favorites. Prepare small token gift prizes for the winners.

Go wisely on the booze

You can make a bottle of liquor go a long way by creating a scrumptious fruity punch with it.

Add the liquor to sparkling water, fruit juice, and fresh fruit in season.

Garnish with mint leaves. You will have a drink with loads of flavor and punch that your guests will love.

If you want to serve beer, get a keg. It is cheaper and goes a longer way than individual bottles of beer.