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Everything you need to know about ExtenZe including the latest ExtenZe coupon code.

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ExtenZe: Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement at a Budget

ExtenZe is a male sexual enhancement supplement that enlarges and increases the size of the penis in both length and girth. It is manufactured by Biotab Nutraceuticals, an all-natural, lifestyle supplement company found in California, USA. It is an excellent choice to enlarge your member as it has several benefits such as:

  • It is all-natural
  • It helps with erection problems
  • It does not need a prescription from the doctor

How Does ExtenZe Work

Penis size is often a big problem for a lot of men. Others may already be gifted with a large member however, they have problems with erection. Because of such problems, many men are afraid of ‘putting themselves out there’.  Well fear no more, manufacturers of ExtenZe claim that it could help in both aspects.

ExtenZe enlarges the penis by increasing the blood flow to the penis. The all-natural ingredients of ExtenZe cause blood to rush into the three chambers of the penis during intercourse, therefore, enlarging it and causing it to stay erect longer.

The Ups and Downs of ExtenZe

As aforementioned, ExtenZe has a lot of benefits.

  • Upside 1: Treats erectile dysfunction

Aside from enlarging your penis, it also helps in treating erectile dysfunction. It helps in controlling premature ejaculation and increasing sexual drive and endurance.

  • Upside 2: Safe and all-natural

It is very safe as its ingredients, as aforementioned, are all-natural.

  • Upside 3: Easy to obtain and use

It is also very easy to use. One would only need to take one gel cap a day and that’s it. You also have the benefit of buying the product in the comfort of your home as it could be bought online. It’s easy to buy as it is easy to use. Results are expected to be visible within a few weeks after use.

Unlike other health supplements, ExtenZe does not need a prescription from a doctor. But a lot of doctors and medical experts have given it their seal of approval.

  • Upside 4: Economical

It is also cheaper as compared to other male sexual enhancement supplements and other penis enhancement methods. Prescription drugs and injections often need a doctor’s prescription as these may counteract with other drugs that are currently taken by the customer or may aggravate a pre-existing condition. ExtenZe does not. Evasive methods like surgical penile implants also have a certain degree of risk of injury. Also, such surgeries are also very expensive. Vacuum pump erection devices meanwhile are also expensive and the results are not always guaranteed.

ExtenZe comes at a very affordable price of 59.55 US dollars for a month’s worth of supplies. The manufacturers are also willing to pitch in a silicone lube and water lube for those who purchase two months’ worth of supply and up. On top of that, the manufacturers of the supplement have a 60-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the product.

  • Downside 1: Takes time to kick in

However, ExtenZe also has its downsides. According to one user, it takes a considerable amount of time to ‘kick-in’. As per the review of such a user, it takes around 30-45 minutes before the effects of the gel cap could be felt. But he noted that he was very satisfied with the results otherwise.

  • Downside 2: Possible allergic reaction to it

Also according to reports, certain users experienced an allergic reaction after taking the supplement. It is therefore important that you observe your reactions when taking the supplement for the first time. In such a case that you experience an allergic reaction, immediately contact a health provider.

Ingredients of ExtenZe

ExtenZe is made from all-natural ingredients. They are as follows:

  • Folate
  • Boron (as Chelate)
  • Zinc
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid – GABA
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride
  • Black Pepper (seed)
  • Pregnenolone (3ß-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one)
  • Astragalus (root)
  • Muira Puama Extract (stem)
  • Horny Goat Weed (leaf)
  • Hops (Strobile) Extract (blossom)
  • Piper Longum (seed)
  • Tribulus Terrestris (aerial part and fruit)
  • Pumpkin (seed)
  • Yohimbe Extract (bark)
  • Damiana (leaf)
  • Ginger (root)
  • Ho Shou Wu Extract (root)
  • Stinging Nettle (root)
  • Licorice Extract (root)
  • Velvet Deer Antler
  • Korean Ginseng Extract (root)
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (aerial part)

Stinging Nettle, a type of root, helps in increasing the levels of testosterone therefore also increasing one’s sexual drive. Another type of root called Astralagus also serves a similar effect. Astralagus is considered as the natural version of viagra in Ancient China.

Yohimbe Extract and Korean Ginseng are known herbs that help enhance sexual drive. Korean Ginseng, in fact, is used in Asia since ancient times as a cure for erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe Bark, on the other hand, is the African counterpart of Korean Ginseng. The Yohimbe tree is an evergreen tree that originates from Western Africa.

The product also contains additional vitamins and minerals such as Folate, Zinc, and Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), and L-Arginine Hydrochloride which will help in the total health improvement of the consumer.


ExtenZe is a male sexual enhancement supplement that helps increase the size of the penis, increase sexual endurance, and treat erectile dysfunction.

There is no more need to hide in the shadows. ExtenZe is an effective supplement perfect for those who want to enhance their members on a budget.

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